Summit Natural Gas Of Maine has made new improvements to your natural gas bill!

Now it’s easier than ever to see what you owe and when it’s due, as well as detailed information to help you manage your natural gas account. To assist you with any questions you may have about your bill or online customer portal, skilled representatives are available during business hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. You can reach us by phone toll-free at 800-909-7642.

1. Service Address

Where your gas service is located (may be different from your mailing address).

2. Account Number

Your Summit Natural Gas account number is specific to your service location. Please refer to this number when requesting information about your account or when making any payments.

3. Bill Amount & Due Date

Now easier to read, so you know when your bill is due and how much you owe.

4. What Do I Need To Know?

Important messages from Summit Natural Gas of Maine.

5. What Have I Used?

Usage information is detailed to show your meter reading information and how your usage amount is calculated.

6. Your Monthly Gas Usage

Bar graph provides at-a-glance usage over past 13 months (if available).

7. What Makes Up My Bill

Includes any balance due, late fees, and three types of natural gas service charges.

a) Delivery and Service charges – The cost to deliver the gas to your home or business and other customer charges.

b) Supply charges – The cost of the natural gas itself for your home or business.

c) Taxes and other charges – Depending on where you live, we may also collect required state and city fees and taxes, and any charges specific to your account.

8. Payment Options

If paying by mail, please return the payment coupon with your payment.